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why advertise with us?

Advertise with us… welcome Nowa’s Work at Home Guide back! We offer advertising on our website to help us all network. Our goal is to obtain customers for you as our client. We try to gain awareness in the public for working at home. Our second goal is to get shoppers to shop small businesses.

We will be advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more places. We understand the importance of social media. We know that website alone doesn’t share enough awareness in today’s world.

New! link ads in our categories are free! You choose your own category. Give us information about your business. You can add as many businesses that you like. We appreciate family friendly businesses. Let us know if you recruits. Never know, you maybe featured on our site.

Ad in Direct Sales Directory


Click on the directory choose a category and add your business

Premium ads are listed on every page of the site. You can choose from small ad, square large button, long banner, or header premium ad.

********taking ads for shopping category $5 a year*****

$5 a year shopping ads

our larger banners are 250 x 250 $10 for a year. Listed on every page.

Ad $10.00

We have a featured business each month from the premium ads.

Feature premium ad on our facebook group 2800+ viewers $25.00

Ad $25 for three months half price $12.50

Order now so you will lock your business in place! Just click on the order now button of your choice. You can use the order form for your information. Only one available. You get an ad on the website too.

Ad long banner $15.00 half price! 7.50

Long banner at the bottom of main page. Shows up on every page. Excellent exposure !

Disclaimer no refund for the small amount we charge after ad buttons are placed. We do our best to please you.

we will have post cards to hand out at events that we go to. Offline advertising for those who do not go on social media.