Craft Business

Making crafts on your spare time? Have so much time on your hand. Your craft space is filling up. You don’t have room for one afghan blanket.

Open your own craft shoppe…

Not sure if you want to take the time to build a website? 

I can build the website for you! You can have your time with your craft. I will take care of the website.

You can choose from Etsy, Storenvy, or Woocommerce.

I need you to have PayPal for payments. I need you to send me nice viewable picture of each item. 

You will need to decide on price, shipping, and description of the item.

I will set up your store and add your products up to 50 items.

If you like I maintain the store monthly for a fee. Etsy and Storenvy have small fees plus Paypal fees. Woocommerce you pay Paypal only. If you host with us, hosting is $5 a month. We start you out with three months free hosting. Domain ($10.00) is needed for Woocommerce. 

You have goods on hand? For those who are not creative or just don’t have the time to create? You can use Storenvy, eBay, or Woocommerce, to sell your goods. Good time to clean out your closet. Make your shop online. You don’t have to be customer oriented, just be polite, friendly, and ship fast! If you need help creating your website, I. can help!

Have your shop online!
We have been with Storenvy for 7 years ♥️