Website Choices

What do you need for a website?

First thing to do is to decide what you need a website for and then go from there. 

  • For a product or two I recommend a lead page or one page site. This site is also good for services. We lead the customer to your product or service. 
  • For a site with products we do an ecommerce site. I highly recommend woocommerce especially if you are on a budget. We can host the site for $5 a month. Woocommerce is an extension from WordPress. 
  • For those who want to add your crafts or jewelry I recommend a Storenvy site. Storenvy is free they do offer a premium plan. You can stay with the free version. I charge small fee to set up the store and add your products.
  • Perhaps you just want to list your direct sales on a page or blog? I offer a one stop shop with WordPress.

Why choose my company for your designer? I started designing sites with my husband twenty years ago. My purpose has always been for the low budgeted wahm and dad’s who need a site. In today’s world, we have younger people who need a website that are not parents.

My goal was and still is:

Everyone who needs a website be able to afford one.

That has been my motto for twenty years.  Second I can show you how to be independent. If you like, I will give free lessons on how to maintain the website, once my work is done. 

If you have chosen your website, you can order now