What to do at home

Need something to do at home?

If you like me, you can only read so many books and watch so much tv. I am an avid reader and tv watcher. I get bored very easily. I put together a list of ideas you can do at home. 

I am retired on social security, therefore, I am home most of the time. I am used to going flea marketing at least on Saturday. Not just selling my goods, flea marketing gives me a chance to socialize, shop, find good deals.  

Here a list of ideas of being at home…

  • Have children create crafts let the kids sell their crafts online.
  • Kids could put their old toys (in good shape) and clothes on Storenvy, eBay, etc
  • If you are creative, sew, paint. Whatever your your craft is, put the craft together and sell it online. The money may not pay all your bills, but it might help with money for food, gas, etc.
  • Perhaps you are a direct seller. If you have extra merchandise on hand, you can list your items on a platform such as Storenvy, eBay, Big Cartel, Bonanza, Woocommerce, and other platforms. Time to clean out the closet!
  • Have clothes you haven’t worn in a year? Sell them! You can sell on Post Mark, Storenvy, eBay, etc
  • Need inspiration? Lot of health departments are offering counseling. Churches are offering church online plus online spiritual counseling.
  • Go online learn new recipes you can cook! My friend Diane has a gourmet Foods site that ships food to you. Diane’s banner on my main page.
  • Healthy enough to go out? Check on your neighbor see if they need something. Help others but be careful.
  • Its ok to go garden and go for walks. Keep in mind social distancing.
  • Watch out watching too much news. Too much news is like watching a horror movie. You can get cold chills from too much news. I keep to my local News. Of course, I watch Dr Oz. You find your own niche for being informed. Dr Phil is on reruns but I enjoy him enough to keep watching lol
  • Watching a funny wholesome movie to help ease the pace.
  • Have an fun social gathering on line with friends.
  • Can you teach a class? Offer meetings of online classes with gotomeetings.com or other meeting platforms.
  • Share your goods on Facebook marketplace.
  • Share crafts and recipes on Pinterest and Instagram

Dont forget to wash your hands and countertops! Be safe

I keep myself busy building websites since I am on hiatus from flea markets.  If you need help adding your crafts and goods to a website, I am offering a discount website.