Why advertise with us?

You want more advertising for your business. You probably not sure what you want to do. You definitely do not want to waste money on ads that go nowhere. I
Have you ever added your business to a website? In the old days late 90s lol before social media, we had Yahoo groups, one list, msn, Google groups…we advertised what we offered on groups. We do the same now with Facebook groups, Instagram, etc. We advertised on business websites. 
Fast forward to 2020 we are re-introducing Nowa’s Work at Home Guide.  We going to have direct sale directories….I need people who sell Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, StampingUp, jewelry, candle companies, ( I have Country Scent Candles and Country Naturals)…I need direct sellers to join us. The directory is $3 for a year.
We going to have a service directory and healthy living section $3 a year to join these directories.
We added a shopping directory so people have a chance to relax and shop. We need businesses to join our shopping directory only $3 to join.
We have main page ads and header ad on Facebook group (2800+ members) $5 up to $25 depending on the size of the ad.
What are we going to do for you? Besides sharing our website with your ad, we are going to get the word out and have fun!

Best way for us to offer a referral for your business? Join us! You can get started for as little asĀ $3
Join now let’s have fun!

We will….

  • share the word on social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,and Pinterest. We will let people know what you offer.
  • Featured business once a month plus shout outs
  • We will offer referrals to people who need to work or perhaps the potential customer needs a gift.
  • Perhaps you are in to natural living or weight loss. We have a healthy living directory

All directories are $3 per business for a year!